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Welcome to a world of hypercompetitive martial artists, who compete to see who's the best, including in absurd fields like martial arts dining and martial arts sewing. Alliances are made and fall based on sometimes petty factors, and many parents foster often unwanted engagements upon their children while seeking beneficial ties to other schools, while others strive to be better parents than that while still managing the reputations of their own martial art schools.

The supernatural exists within this world, and there're martial artists who utilize it. There're also martial artists who've had run-ins with it, in some cases even gaining life-altering curses, blessings, or both, which can even extend as far as outright transforming them.

You are teenagers who have grown up in this weird world, formidable martial artists in your own right. You're navigating your parents' expectations and/or hopes, weirdos challenging your school, people whose lives don't revolve around martial arts, the general challenges of growing up, the supernatural, unexpected life changes, and in some case romantic entanglements and/or figuring out (or asserting) your self-identity. Oh, and high school, though considering everything else going on in your lives that's almost certainly a background factor.

In short this is a tabletop game inspired by Ranma 1/2 but not directly using the same setting. I'm weighing systems--I'm thinking of using Panic at the Dojo but open to other possibilities.

I'd like the following:
* Name and contact info
* Time availability
* Character concept(s)
* Questions?
* Funny marital arts moment
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I fully plan on running the game that inspired countless variants, Apocalypse World! In essence, Apocalypse World is a game about trying to make do with what you have and maybe further your agendas, whether that's to tear things down, form a religion, become rich, or even make the world a better place. Scarcity is core to the game's concept. Violence is dangerous to both sides but sometimes hard to avoid. Lots of people pursue their own sometimes ill-considered agendas. And yet... there's hope that you can achieve your goals and even make the world a better place.

I've heard the game compared to a post apocalyptic television drama series, and really that's what it feels most like.

Based on people's replies from my previous interest check, I'll be setting this in a city that's entirely underwater except for the taller buildings. Much of the world's been flooded, in fact. The city's inhabitants scavenge it for remnants of the ancient age and other goods to trade, but their lives aren't without troubles. Rival groups contest for resources and strange things and secrets exist. More details will be developed collaboratively with the players.

As for who you are? You are one of those standard playbooks:

The Hardholder, the big boss of a settlement. You have a small army and more money than anyone else, but the settlement's troubles are your troubles.

The Brainer, creepy psychic who is good at getting at people's secrets and fucking with them.

The Battlebabe, slick operator who is good at getting into trouble and out of it.

The Angel, healer that everyone relies upon when times get tough.

The Chopper, leader of a motorcycle gang (jetski gang in this setting).

The Driver, with their hot car (hot boat in this setting).

The Gunlugger, adept at violence and possessing the biggest guns.

The Hocus, leader of a cult or a group very akin to one.

The Maestro'D, owner of the best social establishment.

The Skinner, hot and beautiful and the best at tugging at people's heartstrings.

Or if you want something a little more off the beaten track, one of the extended playbooks:

The Quarantine, fresh out of cryosleep and with memories of the old world.

The Faceless, masked murder machine.

The Waterbearer, who is the law in the best place to get clean water.

The Child-Thing, creepy child and the future.

The Show, whose music can be downright apocalyptic.

The News, spreader of the truth.

The Landfall Marine, who carries out a campaign to reclaim the land for their masters in orbit.

The Apocalypse World site has links to all the playbooks so you can take a more detailed look at them.

I need the following from potential players:
* Name and plurk
* Time availability
* Playbook(s) you're interested in.
* Questions?
* Optionally, something weird.
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This is an interest check for a game that won't happen for quite a while, but the basic premise is: Your characters' future selves show up, grant your characters the ability to travel through time and space at will, and now they're free to do whatever they want with it. Including fixing history so it doesn't suck so much.

The basic flow will go something like this: your characters decide to fix some atrocity, inciting event for a war, or other such bad thing so that it never happened. You probably infiltrate first, mingle a little, figure out how to change things. Or you could just go in guns blazing and assassinate a fictional dictator (all historical events will be not only fictional but made up by you the players, though I can provide suggestions if necessary) or whatever.

So there's the original version and then your changed version.

Some busybody 'time police', self-appointed guardians of the status quo timeline, show up. Maybe you end up fighting each other over whose version of events is the best. Maybe other meddlers appear and disagree with you on how to fix things. But those goddamned time police? They almost always show up.

The time police undo your changes. The other meddlers make their own changes atop your own. And so on.

So you basically have to take things into your hands and engage in (dramatic drumroll) Time Combat. Which is basically where you and your opponent try all kinds of ways to fuck each other over. Call upon future selves to lend you an item, knowledge, or show up to help you swarm your opponent! Fuck off to do a training montage and then return better handled to handle the situation! Try to engineer sinister paradoxes or traps to ensnare your opponent! Run away by retroactively editing the timeline so that you never were there! Basicaly all kinds of time antics until one side's time stress track ('health') runs out or someone makes a concession first.

There'll probably also be laid-back downtime in which your characters engage in time tourism, hold parties in exotic places and times, or whatever.

Oh, yeah, and there'll be a long-term plot. Which I won't spoil here (and will depend on what you create as characters). The setting'll have fantasy elements like magic, though, unless the majority says they don't want that..

Since this is just an interest check well in advance of the game actually happening, I won't be asking for time availabilities or the like until it's closer in the future. So I just want the following:

1. Name and plurk.
(Optional) 2. Character concepts.
(Optional) 3. Questions.
(Optional) 4. Things you'd like to see in the game.
(Optional) 5. Meme or gif or whatever related to time travel.
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I fully plan on running the game that inspired countless variants, Apocalypse World! Now, the thing is that Apocalypse World functions better with some player colloboration on the setting, so instead of pitching a single setting concept, I'm gonna list a few ideas to give examples of what could be done and also a basic rundown of what the system is all about.

In essence, Apocalypse World is a game about trying to make do with what you have and maybe further your agendas, whether that's to tear things down, form a religion, become rich, or even make the world a better place. Scarcity is core to the game's concept. Violence is dangerous to both sides but sometimes hard to avoid. Lots of people pursue their own sometimes ill-considered agendas. And yet... there's hope that you can achieve your goals.

I've heard the game compared to a post apocalyptic television drama series, and really that's what it feels most like.

Some possible setting ideas:
* A flooded world where everyone gets around by boat and lives on small islands and floating rafts.
* A massive city that is all the characters know, broken but full of valuable resources and strange menaces.
* An underworld where light is in short supply and fights take place in the dark.
* The jungle consumes everything, and life is a constant effort to keep it from overrunning civilization.
* A shattered planet with the scattered remains inhabited by water-powered robots. (Yes, this is a riff on the Steambot games.)
* And so on!

Now, I won't be running this for a while, so I won't be asking for your time availability. Instead this is more of a check to see who's interested for when I do start this game up. Just comment with the following:

* Name and plurk
* Favorite setting concept (it can be one of the listed or one of your own devising)

When I'm closer to ready to run this, I'll open formal recruiting, pick players based on availability, and then get everyone together to decide the game setting and come up with concepts.
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Once, there was a hero, Lilac, who slew many monsters who had been corrupted by malign chi. She ascended to become the greatest hero of all time, even cleaving a possessed mountain in half. Then she went away into the monsters' homeland to take the fight to them, and hasn't been seen since.

But this isn't about her. Some people, impressed by her feats, decided to create a school to train future heroes to become as great as her. They placed it on the site of her greatest feat--right between the cleft mountain's halves. Even though they were told that's a stupid idea and it's out of the way and away from civilization, they preserved. That was a good while ago, and since then a town's sprung up around Lilac High.

You're newcomer students to this school. You train to master the chi that flows through all things, in one or more of multiple methods to access and use it.

The weapon users, wielding powerful weapons that channel chi to perform mighty attacks. Weapons can vary from simple but strong, to highly complex multi-mode trick weapons, to weirder ones like dolls, books, and so on. The common element is that you channel chi through an external object.

The martial artists, who go through harsh training to turn their bodies into chi channels. Using a mixture of mediation techniques, vigorous exercise, acupuncture, a special diet, and other methods, they can do impressive feats with their bodies alone. But many don't make it through the training and switch to another class.

The magicians, who academically study the flow of chi. They use complex formulas and rituals to manipulate chi to do their will. This is a very mentally challenging method, especially doing it in combat situations, and those that manage it tend to be either geniuses or have an intuitive understanding of chi.

The inherent users, who possess an assortment of strange chi anomalies that give them novel and often odd abilities. The one with a living shadow, the one with a manifested book that controls anyone drawn in it, the one who can see the future and faraway places, and so on. While there're cases of people who've gained inherent abilities, it's difficult and risky so the majority are those born with those chi anomalies.

The nonhumans, who cover a variety of intelligent non-human entities, from vampires to werewolves to fox spirits to ogres and countless other mythological or otherwise unusual creatures. They train in the school to better their mastery of their strange abilities and to develop their combat skills.

And then there're the hybrids, who master more than one school.

Will you step up to the challenge of becoming the greatest hero? Will you brave one of the most notable and challenging battle schools? Will you forge ahead forming friendships and facing the shadows of your own past? Will you deal with the many strange quirks of Lilac High? Will you compete for the best cafeteria food, take part in a tournament or two, face the horrors of the highly unusual field trips, and more?

If you're interested, I just need the following:
* Name and plurk
* Time availability
* Character concept(s).
* Questions?
* Post your favorite hype moment.
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So what's this all about?

You are small fairies that get into trouble, wear costumes which grant them special powers, and can't die. Well, not permanently. Quite often you just explode into glittery dust and then later forget you're supposed to be poofed and come back. Because fairies tend to have low attention spans (unless you have a high Focus stat anyways). Oh, yeah, and humans tend to find you annoying.

Alright, so what kind of scenarios're we getting into trouble in?
While the main rulebook provides guidelines for freeform havoc, what we'll be doing is using a couple of preset scenarios called playsets. They've still more freedom than a lot of adventure modules--you can pretty much just romp around causing havoc, it's just that there'll be a well-detailed area with characters and hazards and so on to do it in.

I will be first running Tomb of Follies, whose name takes obvious inspiration from a certain hyperlethal D&D module, though it's full of its own brands of silliness. Do expect to get poofed often. Well, expect to get poofed often in any given CFA scenario, but you know.

After that, I'll be running The Big Pie Caper, which is what happens when some fools invite fairies to help them during a big pie eating contest.

What kinds of characters're there?
First off, there're six default kinds of fairies: the highly nimble and aerodynamic dragonfly-winged Fairy (note the capital F), the tough beetle-winged Pixie, the highly magical butterfly-winged Sprite, the moth-winged Brownie who can change their clothes in a snap (useful when costumes give you special powers!), the wingless but wall-climbing and stairs-jumping Goblin with keen senses, or the airwalking Elf who is at her best when the odds're against her. Or you can create your own custom fairy kind! (Don't worry about mechanics yet, just give an idea of what you want to play. A cat fairy? Or some other oddball fairy?)

Each fairy has five Facets (stats by any other name): Moxie for the in-your-face fairy, Focus for the fairy with an actual attention span, Craft for the fairy who likes overcomplicated plots, Grace for the fairy that looks good while sidestepping trouble, and Shine for the lucky fairy.

Each fairy also has two Quirks, which are basically descriptors like Competitive, Creepy, Cowardly, Show-off, Schemer, you get the idea.

You don't have to worry too much about those Facets/Quirks at this stage, I just listed them to help inform your character concepts. Oh, and a default assumption seems to be that all fairies are female. If you want to play a boy fairy, I won't say no, though!

Sounds good! What do I do to sign up for this?
Just reply with the following:

* Name and plurk
* Time availability
* Character concept(s). I'll be providing the rulebook to people.
* Questions?
* Post your favorite caper, antic, or prank.
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You find on your timelines an odd briefing written in pink fluids, sealed in an envelope of some kind of scaly skin. The contents are as follows:

1. Kagegami High is an isolated all-girls high school in Japan. It sits on the island of Kageshima, which doesn’t usually appear on maps. You received a letter of admission from a mysterious crow, and when the day came you simply woke up in your dorm,
with no memory of how you got there. The school has 648 students, all girls or reasonable approximations thereof. There are also a few dozen teachers and other staff, some of whom are men, and one of whom is literally an eight-headed serpent.

2. This is a weird place. Kagegami High is located on the island of Kageshima, and the whole place is surreal. Third-year students have classes in a building that’s sideways (with sideways gravity) and has rooms with names like 3-▲. The weirdness is pervasive, and often satrical. Books are savage creatures that the Library Containment club has to subdue so students can read them.

3. The world at large is kind of weird too actually. The student body includes the occasional android, vampire, esper, or other weirdo, and while some acquire this weirdness after they come to the school, quite a few were already weird. Even so, most people lead ordinary lives, and even for the ones who live on the weirder end of things, Kageshima is an unusually intense concentration of weirdness.

4. Conspiracy theories and legends are true, though not always how you’d think. The Illuminati, the Freemasons, and so on are all real, and in fact they appear on Kageshima in the form of school clubs. The government is up to all kinds of shenanigans of course, and has a Future Menacing Government Agents of Japan club to recruit students. The school is also an absurd surveillance state, recording virtually everything that happens there to no particular purpose.

5. The Student Council is all-powerful. This shadowy group rules the school, and only answers to the Principal and the Founder. The Student Council’s Secret Police--who you can clearly recognize by their porcelain fox masks--watch the school and enforce the Council’s will. The school also has an important alliance with the island’s giant spiders, and there’s the part about how the Principal and the Founder are mysterious beings of immense power.

6. Religion is weird here. The main Shinto shrine is dedicated to the mysterious Kage-
no-Mikoto, and its forbidden sanctum contains a huge black stone that hums with power. The Buddhist temple is based around the Shadow Sutra, a text not available anywhere else where the Buddha hints at ba?ling dark forces beyond human comprehension. The Chapel of St. Elmo doesn’t have Bibles and practices Christianity as vaguely remembered from anime. There’s also a whole lot of weird occult rituals and such going on, and some of them even work.

To enroll, include the following:

1. Player name and contact info. You might wonder who this 'player' is, but it's necessary information.
2. Times of availability, including dates on which you can show up within the next few weeks. The school will try its best to accommodate as many students as possible.
3. Do you want to live out an absolutely normal (by the school's standards) school day, possibly your first? Or do you want to have an inciting incident that leads to many other incidents?
4. A picture of something odd.

Character concepts are not necessary. Your attributes and qualities as a student will be generated on the spot once class starts.
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Once there was warfare across the world. Orc against human. Elf against dwarf. Lizardfolk against pantherfolk. Fishpeople against merfolk. And more. But that all mostly came to an end after a group of sorcerors and priests created the Great Peace, allowing misunderstandings to be bridged and age-old prejudices set aside. Since then, there has been an age of peace and prosperity. Well, mostly. Individuals still have disagreements, sometimes violent ones, and now and then nations have clashed against each other. Bandits still existed. But overall things are quieter than the old days of warfare.

A popular way of settling otherwise irreconcilable disagreements emerged, with champions competing against each in trials, sometimes simple combat, sometimes highly complex. Nations often used this method to hone their soldiers' skills, because there was still a certain uneasiness.

There are those brave explorers of the ruins of bygone wars called 'adventurers' by some and tomb robbers by others. Frequently those adventurers' skill sets also allowed them to work as champions.

And then the major upheaval, both literally and figuratively, appeared. After earthquakes across the whole world, people discovered a vast network of underground passages and rooms in many spots. Or at least it is theorized to be one interlinked network.

Many who attempted to explore this network didn't return, and it was discovered that those passages were populated with monsters and traps. Only the adventurers were bold enough to continue onward. What they found... were treasures beyond imagination.

This quickly caused a competition among nearly all nations and people to extract treasures from what has come to be known as the Dungeon. A new gold rush has began, and you are those that, for one reason or another, have joined in. Perhaps you are making scholarly study of the fascinatingly strange Dungeon. Perhaps you are seeking gold and glory. Perhaps you have debts or a sick relative who needs expensive medicines. Perhaps you have been dispatched by a government or have other agendas of your own.

Whatever the reason, you have assembled as a team to explore the strange world below.

I will be using the Strike! system, which is essentially a blend of influences including simplified D&D 4E and more story heavy narrative games.

Usual drill:
1. Name
2. Contact info (probably Plurk)
3. Time of availability (please be more specific than "Thursday evenings" or whatever). Give time ranges and timezones.
4. Concepts. Since this is a class-based system, I will link to this document that along with explaining character creation gives descriptions for the base classes plus two expansion classes (I have the expansions as well as the core rulebook). Classes can be reflavored (so for example, the Martial Artist can be a stance-based fighter or a shapeshifter while the Archer can be using magic blasts or whatever). There are also playtest classes which include a bard, dancer, illusionist, and more, but they're generally a little more on the complex side.
5. Favorite bizarre monster, trap, or treasure. Or all three.
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So I've been jonesing to try running a game of Chuubo's Marvelous Wishing Engine! Name to be determined after the details're finalized (I need the players' input for that!)

What is it?

It's a game set in the rather strange and quirky town known only as Town, after the sun has been murdered and most of creation purged into unreality. You'll do things, and some of those things will earn you XP toward Quests which more or less represent a goal or a phase of your life. There's also a diceless resolution system but honestly that's the core of the game.

So who am I?

The default option is someone pulled from the sea of unreality. In this case, I'm making the unusual move of allowing canon characters if you want to play them. Playing OCs as usual for tabletop is just fine too of course.

Alternatively, you could be a Town native! This will require more reading than the other option, as you'll have to familiarize yourself with the setting information instead of just discovering it bit by bit in play. But this is a good option if for example you want to play a talking rat, or one of the slightly (very slightly) mysterious fox-eared people, or a native vampire (you could play a foreign vampire instead, of course).

Just what is this Town place like?
Oh, you know, it's your normal average town. There's a lakeside district, an exciting (and I do mean exciting) school, a bustling market district, outlying farms, things like that. Oh, and vampires and talking rats.

So just what's this game really about?
Your Quests will decide that, in part. But it's up to you! I can see two options that appeal to me: a laidback game in which characters share moments, or an exciting game of unexpected discoveries. The latter is particularly suitable for searching into the unreality surrounding Town for traces of your original home or general exploration. (Both of those moods're specifically supported by the rules.)

When will this game be?
There're only three options really open to me: Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. It will basically start as soon as I get enough players and finish walking them all through their character generation.

Somehow I'm convinced by this. How do I sign up?
Post the following:
Name: Your name.
Contact info: Probably Plurk. In fact, Plurk would be most convenient.
Availability: Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, all at either 6:00 pm EST or 7:00 pm EST. I'm sorry, I'm not really flexible on the time front--earlier conflicts with stuff, later conflicts with bedtime.
Character concepts: Who you want to play. If a Town native, you can just say "Town native with the so and so personality/characteristics" or something, and I'll hook you up with the info you need.
Stuff you'd like to see: Mood, goals for your character, etc.
Miscellaneous: Whatever you like here.
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Different people have different names for them. Worlds, planes, dimensions, universes. Whatever they're called, the dimensions every now and then draw close. At the right places and times, there're those that can hop between them, discovering all sorts of wonders and horrors. Dimensions full of fire, dimensions like yours own but with subtle and unsubtle changes, places where the gods dwell, dimensions that're just vast oceans, dimensions where balloon-like spheres constantly rise and fall through a landless atmosphere, dimensions of hexagonal tunnels everywhere...

You're one of those people who hop between dimensions. Maybe you knowingly took that first step, seeking adventure or discovery or treasure or the various other reasons people go on interdimensional adventures. Maybe you unknowingly took it, and now you're stranded far from home, trying to find your way back. Maybe you're a scout sent by your people. Maybe you were exiled from your own dimension for injust reasons.

Whatever the case, you find that not only have a vaster vista than you could possibly imagine opened up, but wherever you go, you sometimes change to fit. That flooded universe? Suddenly you have gills and flippers or webbed feet and hands. The fiery plane? Now you find yourself adapted to the flames, though some areas are still too hot for you. And so on.

For the seasoned traveler, there are rumors of a shining city filled with every conceivable thing from the multiverse, which stands between all things and which has connections to everywhere. Is it just a rumor?

Colliding Worlds is a Valor tabletop game which will be played on Roll20. To register your interest just post here with the following:

Name: Your preferred alias.

Contact info: Your plurk or AIM or whatever.

Time zone and availability: When're you available?

Character concept: This can be a wide variety of things. You could come from a high or low fantasy setting, or futuristic or modern or prehistoric setting, or whatever.

Requests: Anything you want to see in the game? This is your chance to request a dimension of cats or whatever.
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I know I haven't used this in a long time. But important note: Check your account settings here. There's an issue going around with LJ enabling automatic payment on journals that didn't have them turned on.

Also, does anyone have a Dreamwidth account I can follow them on? Mine is here.

While I've been inactive on my personal account, I've been using LJ for roleplaying, using roleplaying accounts. But for assorted reasons, I don't feel so comfortable using LJ anymore. I know I won't be giving them any more of my money, and I'll pretty much be only sticking around if there's no other option for keeping up on particular people. (Not that I'm one to talk on this front, with how I've completely fallen out of contact.)
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I missed you guys, simply enough. For many of you, Livejournal is the only regular contact I have with you. So hello again, you special sparkly beings.

No promises about posting, but I'll be in more regular contact (commenting more on your entries and all that).


Dec. 23rd, 2009 10:27 pm
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I'm back on Livejournal more or less. Going to stop stressing about this thing and just have fun. Forget making the perfect posts, the perfect comments, whatever.

I first started this journal as a way of recording my feelings and whatnot. But over time it's become more of a social thing. With my absence from LJ, I've been cut off from people I don't have much contact with by other methods. And honestly, I've missed that contact. So, hello again.

Ugh. Mice.

Sep. 13th, 2009 10:14 am
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The mouse running around in my room's increasingly pissing me off. Those 'humane' traps my roommate use are useless. I'm seriously considering getting something lethal and putting it in my room.

Look, I know those mice didn't really ask for it, they're just trying to live and all, but they're really causing problems in this house.
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Dangerously angelic cats did therefore sing a beat, and it was gone with all lamentations.
And it was beauty, ringing out until the eyes ran with blood, crying joyfully.
Rainbows sharpened raining prismatic needles, until the sky fell piece by piece sprinkling fragile shatterings.
Reaching up to the sky, touching it until the warp and weave wrapped around ones hand, the cloud twirling into spiral maelstroms spinning out into the infinite.
Void-mice, eyes full and vastly empty glowing with would-not-bes, drifted quietly watching nestling each other.
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Those of you with Playstation 3's might find this interesting. Essentially, there's a client out that will enable your PS3 to perform equal to a supercomputer at calculating protein folding and such, allowing you to essentially donate your PS3s for the raw number-crunching of protein-related medical research.

The fun part: Sony actually developed this version of the Folding@home client, and it's available for official download on the PS3 itself.

The Main FAQ here explains what the Folding@home project is all about. There're clients available for other computing platforms as well (Windows, OS X, and Linux).
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So, I read a lot of Japanese comics. I do mean a lot. For an assortment of reasons (availability via certain sources online being one--I'm poor).

I run across a lot of stuff I'm just tired of. A lot of stuff with somewhat interesting premise that flat-out ruin it by thrusting tedious cliches in.

Example: A comics about cats having territorial struggles. Could've easily been interesting, whether it's done with full-out cats, or with catboys/catgirls. But this one I took a peek at just because of the premise had a magical collar everyone's trying to get, all kinds of silly powers, the Ultimate Wild Cat or whatever, a breed 'more wild than the norm', and the concept of a power-up just by tearing off ones collar. Essentially, it's a bunch of boring silly manga tropes with cat ears/tails tacked on.

Another example: a comic about a fairly nice person trying not to turn into a human-eating ogre. Except that it became increasingly evident that the creator was just following the typical Shounen Jump formula (i.e. Naruto/Bleach). I quit reading about the time the main character got tossed into the Underground Training Ground for a Training Ordeal.

On the other hand, there's some series that seem to somehow manage to pull off utter ridiculousness. Others reuse those tropes in a way that's at least somewhat passably tolerable, and their execution's at least enjoyable. But what I really want is the strange stuff. I'll enjoy some of the less 'out there' stuff, but it often isn't my favorite.

And while there're definite trends both visual and story/character wise in the stuff I've seen, there're some fairly different works. I've really liked a number of those. Stuff like Tekkon Tinkreet, Uzumaki, My Street (this one is Korean), Sexy Voice and Robo...

So, let's see. I wouldn't mind recommendations, actually. Not just Japanese comics, any kind of comics online or offline will do. Webcomics as well as printed comics.

I like surreality--not the bland "Look! Talking penguin, gamer girl, Satan as roommate!" crap found in so many webcomics, but more of a dreamy or hallucinative quality. I want stuff that arouse intense emotions in me just by their visuals, especially. FLCL, Kageoru, Listening to 11.975MHz, Tekkon Tinkreet, Milk Closet. (Not necessarily constantly trippy, but frequently so.)

I tend to like a certain macabre touch (thus my interest in the 'nice guy trying not to turn into flesh-eating oni' premise mentioned above and annoyance at its disappointing execution). Anything by Junko Mizuno, Higurashi no Naki Koro ni, Hellsing, stuff with amusingly grisly carnage or morbid outlooks. A number of the 'gothy' comics out there simply disinterest me, but Serenity Rose's an exception.

Perhaps the ultimate fusion for me would be cute, macabre, and surreal. The game Yume Nikki manages to combine all those elements as an example. Another example, Junko Mizuno's stuff is cute and macabre and often a little strange (a giant pig that sells meat cut off himself, Cinderalla wishing to become a zombie so she can join her beloved undead musician named Prince, just most anything in Pure Trance, and so on).

There're other sorts of comics I like, but those tend to be the types of comics I most want more of. I also wouldn't mind recommendations of movies/series/games/whatever in a similar vein. And, frankly, I'll sacrifice general quality in a number of aspects for something that stimulates me enough (though well-executed surrealism has its own challenges). This crazy shit energizes me. It's mental food for me. It fills my head with imagery. It excites me. I love it.
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I just quit my Tuesday gaming group. The basic premise was that there would be several GMs all rotating active duty and running a different game every day. However, lately I had just one player sustaining constant interest in the settings and such I liked to make. One single constant, dependable player who would come week after week and play anything I ran, without complaining about not liking it.

It doesn't help that the player who created precisely the kind of character I wanted to see for one of my games (an eerie floating telepathically speaking god of forgotten things with bound limbs) had already left. I enjoyed some of their characters probably the most in the games we played in this group.

So now I want to do something. For an example, take Chant. Chant's a setting that's been in my mind for a while. It exists in a very uncertain way, built upon the walls of a seemingly infinite chasm formed within the mind of a now dead boy. Any minute, it could vanquish, and indeed, there're some working to keep it from doing so. For it's home to an assortment of squatters often too odd and misfit to fit elsewhere. It's got some fairly good interdimensional connections, making it useful for trade, but in terms of residence, it's pretty much undesirable. It's like sitting your city upon a volcano everyone knows might erupt any day, even if it's in prime trading position. So, lots of assorted transisent traders, but the permanent residents tend to be those with little to lose or who simply don't find reality itself disappearing underneath them a major problem.

Architecture was both highly vertical and subterranean--basically cliff dwellings with colorful building fronts stacked and stacked upon each other with long continuous stretches of balconies essentially forming the 'sidewalks' of the city, while the gap between the two facing (seemingly) endless walls were the street. Primary transportation methods: flight, walking, and elevators as well as trolleys gliding along some of the railings. Construction highly irregular due to no central planning.

In terms of technologies/magic, it was a mishmash of influences from multiple dimensions as well as some people who just can do weird stuff.

Two example NPCs for the game I ran, of native Chantians:
A plain brown-haired woman, in a brown suit, with brown glasses, with an inky black oozing hole in the palm of her hand.
A giant fangy frog-like creature named Crunchie-Susie, with an obsession for making pretty robots. As in white roundish shelled ones with lots of pink or purple decorative touches (curls and swirls and such).

Probably the single most cool PC from the game I ran was that god of forgotten things. Pretty much exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see.

Her description: "V'alei is a young girl, floating in the air, legs, arms, entire body, bound together by strong silver and black binds leaving no skin below her neck visible...the bonds are mystical in nature, leaving her unable to open
or even move her limbs. That which is not bound appears to be a leather-black-silver outfit, alternating patterns all over. The binds appear to lack any opening, leaving the question of how she gets out of it. Her skin, that which is showing, is pale with dark black tattoo-markings on it. Her face is young, innocent, cute¬Ö.ears long and pointed back, deep obsidian orbs rest in her head, silver pupils shining out."

One of her primary powers was to know anything that's been completely forgotten. Very excellent for archaeological purposes, heh.

So. Now that I've quit this Tuesday group (they were friends or friends of friends, but apparently not exactly with common interests in subject matters for gaming), I've been thinking of maybe running something to take its place. Something set in Chant, possibly. I'm also generally interested in any particularly fun games that others might be running.

Yes, I am looking for players. Probably real-time online (i.e. chats or another such mechanism), though if there's enough demand for play-by-post I will consider it.
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Those of you advertisers who use shitty popups and nasty malware're ruining it for the rest of the advertisers. I have no problems with advertising in general, but there're certain behaviors making me reach for the ad-blocker though generally just to block the specific sites/scripts harassing me. This hurts the sites using advertising to support themselves, and it hurts the more well-behaved advertisers.

Not that any of them will read this. Just venting, really.
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In large part, I'm inherently socially flaky to some extent, I think. Socialization is something I do for brief periods in between moments of extreme absorption. I often like having a general sense of people around but don't always feel like interacting directly with them. I do try, though, as thanks to those people who accept my sporadic interaction.

As an aside, I think this is a really cute icon. I seem to live for the fusion of the adorable and the warped, creepy or simply mutated.

Gasmask face! For some reason I love that name.


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