kajarainbow: (Bloody Heart Madotsuki)
kajarainbow ([personal profile] kajarainbow) wrote2009-04-22 10:17 pm

Capsule Replies

Thinking of starting up a file of capsule replies to comments that annoy me just a little, so I don't have to waste time typing them up every time. Like this example, a reply to a comment that a particular artist must've been on drugs:

"It takes less drugs to come up with stuff like this than most people think. You just need a really, really weird mind. I'm saying this as someone who's been accused of being on drugs when I was just saying what was normal for my mind.

Not to say that they aren't on drugs. Sometimes they are (not that I find anything wrong with that). It's just not the case for every single work you happen to find really bizarre."

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