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Kagegami High One-shot Recruitment

You find on your timelines an odd briefing written in pink fluids, sealed in an envelope of some kind of scaly skin. The contents are as follows:

1. Kagegami High is an isolated all-girls high school in Japan. It sits on the island of Kageshima, which doesn’t usually appear on maps. You received a letter of admission from a mysterious crow, and when the day came you simply woke up in your dorm,
with no memory of how you got there. The school has 648 students, all girls or reasonable approximations thereof. There are also a few dozen teachers and other staff, some of whom are men, and one of whom is literally an eight-headed serpent.

2. This is a weird place. Kagegami High is located on the island of Kageshima, and the whole place is surreal. Third-year students have classes in a building that’s sideways (with sideways gravity) and has rooms with names like 3-▲. The weirdness is pervasive, and often satrical. Books are savage creatures that the Library Containment club has to subdue so students can read them.

3. The world at large is kind of weird too actually. The student body includes the occasional android, vampire, esper, or other weirdo, and while some acquire this weirdness after they come to the school, quite a few were already weird. Even so, most people lead ordinary lives, and even for the ones who live on the weirder end of things, Kageshima is an unusually intense concentration of weirdness.

4. Conspiracy theories and legends are true, though not always how you’d think. The Illuminati, the Freemasons, and so on are all real, and in fact they appear on Kageshima in the form of school clubs. The government is up to all kinds of shenanigans of course, and has a Future Menacing Government Agents of Japan club to recruit students. The school is also an absurd surveillance state, recording virtually everything that happens there to no particular purpose.

5. The Student Council is all-powerful. This shadowy group rules the school, and only answers to the Principal and the Founder. The Student Council’s Secret Police--who you can clearly recognize by their porcelain fox masks--watch the school and enforce the Council’s will. The school also has an important alliance with the island’s giant spiders, and there’s the part about how the Principal and the Founder are mysterious beings of immense power.

6. Religion is weird here. The main Shinto shrine is dedicated to the mysterious Kage-
no-Mikoto, and its forbidden sanctum contains a huge black stone that hums with power. The Buddhist temple is based around the Shadow Sutra, a text not available anywhere else where the Buddha hints at ba?ling dark forces beyond human comprehension. The Chapel of St. Elmo doesn’t have Bibles and practices Christianity as vaguely remembered from anime. There’s also a whole lot of weird occult rituals and such going on, and some of them even work.

To enroll, include the following:

1. Player name and contact info. You might wonder who this 'player' is, but it's necessary information.
2. Times of availability, including dates on which you can show up within the next few weeks. The school will try its best to accommodate as many students as possible.
3. Do you want to live out an absolutely normal (by the school's standards) school day, possibly your first? Or do you want to have an inciting incident that leads to many other incidents?
4. A picture of something odd.

Character concepts are not necessary. Your attributes and qualities as a student will be generated on the spot once class starts.

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