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Recruitment for a game of Costume Fairy Adventures

So what's this all about?

You are small fairies that get into trouble, wear costumes which grant them special powers, and can't die. Well, not permanently. Quite often you just explode into glittery dust and then later forget you're supposed to be poofed and come back. Because fairies tend to have low attention spans (unless you have a high Focus stat anyways). Oh, yeah, and humans tend to find you annoying.

Alright, so what kind of scenarios're we getting into trouble in?
While the main rulebook provides guidelines for freeform havoc, what we'll be doing is using a couple of preset scenarios called playsets. They've still more freedom than a lot of adventure modules--you can pretty much just romp around causing havoc, it's just that there'll be a well-detailed area with characters and hazards and so on to do it in.

I will be first running Tomb of Follies, whose name takes obvious inspiration from a certain hyperlethal D&D module, though it's full of its own brands of silliness. Do expect to get poofed often. Well, expect to get poofed often in any given CFA scenario, but you know.

After that, I'll be running The Big Pie Caper, which is what happens when some fools invite fairies to help them during a big pie eating contest.

What kinds of characters're there?
First off, there're six default kinds of fairies: the highly nimble and aerodynamic dragonfly-winged Fairy (note the capital F), the tough beetle-winged Pixie, the highly magical butterfly-winged Sprite, the moth-winged Brownie who can change their clothes in a snap (useful when costumes give you special powers!), the wingless but wall-climbing and stairs-jumping Goblin with keen senses, or the airwalking Elf who is at her best when the odds're against her. Or you can create your own custom fairy kind! (Don't worry about mechanics yet, just give an idea of what you want to play. A cat fairy? Or some other oddball fairy?)

Each fairy has five Facets (stats by any other name): Moxie for the in-your-face fairy, Focus for the fairy with an actual attention span, Craft for the fairy who likes overcomplicated plots, Grace for the fairy that looks good while sidestepping trouble, and Shine for the lucky fairy.

Each fairy also has two Quirks, which are basically descriptors like Competitive, Creepy, Cowardly, Show-off, Schemer, you get the idea.

You don't have to worry too much about those Facets/Quirks at this stage, I just listed them to help inform your character concepts. Oh, and a default assumption seems to be that all fairies are female. If you want to play a boy fairy, I won't say no, though!

Sounds good! What do I do to sign up for this?
Just reply with the following:

* Name and plurk
* Time availability
* Character concept(s). I'll be providing the rulebook to people.
* Questions?
* Post your favorite caper, antic, or prank.

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