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Recruitment for Martial Arts Weirdos (name pending)

Welcome to a world of hypercompetitive martial artists, who compete to see who's the best, including in absurd fields like martial arts dining and martial arts sewing. Alliances are made and fall based on sometimes petty factors, and many parents foster often unwanted engagements upon their children while seeking beneficial ties to other schools, while others strive to be better parents than that while still managing the reputations of their own martial art schools.

The supernatural exists within this world, and there're martial artists who utilize it. There're also martial artists who've had run-ins with it, in some cases even gaining life-altering curses, blessings, or both, which can even extend as far as outright transforming them.

You are teenagers who have grown up in this weird world, formidable martial artists in your own right. You're navigating your parents' expectations and/or hopes, weirdos challenging your school, people whose lives don't revolve around martial arts, the general challenges of growing up, the supernatural, unexpected life changes, and in some case romantic entanglements and/or figuring out (or asserting) your self-identity. Oh, and high school, though considering everything else going on in your lives that's almost certainly a background factor.

In short this is a tabletop game inspired by Ranma 1/2 but not directly using the same setting. I'm weighing systems--I'm thinking of using Panic at the Dojo but open to other possibilities.

I'd like the following:
* Name and contact info
* Time availability
* Character concept(s)
* Questions?
* Funny marital arts moment

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