Apr. 1st, 2009

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I tend to have a hard time with this holiday, as I tend to take jokes at face value except when it's absolutely and obviously ridiculous enough it's more likely a joke than not.

Combined with the fact that I have very little sense of dates (I typically forget about holidays), and this leads to a lot of confusion.

At least the first webcomic I read today that pulled an April's Fools stunt made it plain and obvious. Actually for the most part those webcomics've been reasonably obvious.

Still... this holiday can be a little annoying for me in general.

And jokes told with a straight face... really annoy me. I hate believing people and then finding out they didn't mean what they say--I'm bad at reading into the subtleties and nonverbal cues. I do try somewhat, but it's difficult. So spare me, please. Or tell your jokes with a crooked face. ;)

Though, actually, the most amusing webcomic prank I've seen so far was an artist switching the characters of two of her webcomics around, so that each webcomic featured the other webcomic's characters saying the dialogue meant for the real characters. Heh.
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So, while paying my mobile phone bill that I had run up due to inability to pay it for a couple of months, I just checked on some things with my mobile phone company. They don't have anything cheaper than the data/text only plan I'm on. $30/month unlimited data, 300 text messages. In fact, it's not even available to new customers anymore. They said it was a promotional offer.

I was thinking of dropping down to a cheaper plan, like something with only texting or something, but T-Mobile doesn't seem to offer that. And I've found that stuff like Google Maps on the go have often been invaluable--helped keep me from getting totally lost on occasion.

Hmm. I guess I'm sticking with my current Blackberry Pearl. Did I mention that this plan only applies to Blackberries, and I cannot get any other kind? Every Blackberry upgrade option offered by my provider would cost me at least $49.

From what I've been reading, there aren't too many options for affordable data/text only plans. Hmm. Do any of you know of any? Though I've had a nothing but positive customer service experience with T-Mobile, and I've heard bad things about some of the other carriers' customer service.

Apparently there're other deaf people out there who aren't too happy about the limited options in general.


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