Sep. 15th, 2016

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So I've been jonesing to try running a game of Chuubo's Marvelous Wishing Engine! Name to be determined after the details're finalized (I need the players' input for that!)

What is it?

It's a game set in the rather strange and quirky town known only as Town, after the sun has been murdered and most of creation purged into unreality. You'll do things, and some of those things will earn you XP toward Quests which more or less represent a goal or a phase of your life. There's also a diceless resolution system but honestly that's the core of the game.

So who am I?

The default option is someone pulled from the sea of unreality. In this case, I'm making the unusual move of allowing canon characters if you want to play them. Playing OCs as usual for tabletop is just fine too of course.

Alternatively, you could be a Town native! This will require more reading than the other option, as you'll have to familiarize yourself with the setting information instead of just discovering it bit by bit in play. But this is a good option if for example you want to play a talking rat, or one of the slightly (very slightly) mysterious fox-eared people, or a native vampire (you could play a foreign vampire instead, of course).

Just what is this Town place like?
Oh, you know, it's your normal average town. There's a lakeside district, an exciting (and I do mean exciting) school, a bustling market district, outlying farms, things like that. Oh, and vampires and talking rats.

So just what's this game really about?
Your Quests will decide that, in part. But it's up to you! I can see two options that appeal to me: a laidback game in which characters share moments, or an exciting game of unexpected discoveries. The latter is particularly suitable for searching into the unreality surrounding Town for traces of your original home or general exploration. (Both of those moods're specifically supported by the rules.)

When will this game be?
There're only three options really open to me: Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. It will basically start as soon as I get enough players and finish walking them all through their character generation.

Somehow I'm convinced by this. How do I sign up?
Post the following:
Name: Your name.
Contact info: Probably Plurk. In fact, Plurk would be most convenient.
Availability: Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, all at either 6:00 pm EST or 7:00 pm EST. I'm sorry, I'm not really flexible on the time front--earlier conflicts with stuff, later conflicts with bedtime.
Character concepts: Who you want to play. If a Town native, you can just say "Town native with the so and so personality/characteristics" or something, and I'll hook you up with the info you need.
Stuff you'd like to see: Mood, goals for your character, etc.
Miscellaneous: Whatever you like here.


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