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Note for [livejournal.com profile] lediva:
Skills are ranked by descriptors. The ladder is as such:


We decided to have the characters' top skill be Great. So, everyone has a Great skill, then two Good skills, then three Fair skills, then four Average skills (Average serves as the base of the "skill pyramid").

Average is actually a decently useful rank to have skills at, as it's the baseline difficulty for many things. Higher skill ranks're useful for tasks with added complications as well as tasks where you'll be directly opposing other people. But Aspects and some Stunts can be used to augment your skills.

As for Stunts, we discuss that down in the log beneath.

The second log begins: )
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A note to [livejournal.com profile] lediva: first off, I'm using the FATE system. FATE 2.0 is available openly on the web, but I'm using FATE 3.0, which so far has only been published in a commercial setting-specific product. However, it's set to be released for free in 2007 after the release of their two commercial products (the creators're focusing on being able to eat first, before they give us another freebie). My two other players, which I got from my still running Planescape game, were already familiar with FATE 2.0, but I've been transitioning over to 3.0.

If you wanted to check it out, the free 2nd edition is available at Faterpg.com. Also relevant is this Aspects page which describes 3.0's Aspect uses through a few different examples. In brief, Aspects are akin to a combination of Advantages and Disadvantages in other game systems, and the game mechanisms treat them as double-edged swords. Use an Aspect in your favor, to spend a Fate Point to get a bonus to a roll or the like. Get an Aspect used against you, and you get the choice to override that or give in to the negative consequence and gain a Fate Point which can be used later for Good Things.

Skills, as you will see in the next log-post, are pretty simple. First we did the "Phases", pieces of the character's life before the beginning of the game, in which they picked Aspects fitting events in that Phase.

Initial chargen session post )
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I recently got the inspiration to run a game based upon Revolutionary Girl Utena. Rules-lite roleplaying. It will be weird. Real-time session online each week or so.

I have ideas brewing in my head to take things in a somewhat different direction, but a lot of it will depend on what sort of game the picked up players want to do.

Slots for two players, maybe three. No more.


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