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A response to an email of complaint I sent after this computer repair place hung up on my relay service after telling the operator they wouldn't accept the call.

" *****,

Sorry we offended you, that was not our intent. We have recently received a number of calls being forwarded by tele-operators from people located in third world countries wanting to make large purchases of computer parts which they promise to pay for via a letter of credit. These calls are typically fraudulent and a big waste of time. When I asked the operator who was calling and from where, she was not able to answer me, so I assumed (and wrongly) that your call was another one of these over-seas scams. Sorry we were not able to help you, perhaps in the future.

Good luck to you…"

I'd heard of this kind of scam before, and sent a conciliatory email in return.

So frustrating what some people will do.

In other news, I saw brief glimpses of this show because someone left this television on. One thing I noticed is that laughter has a very different effect when it's just words rendered in closed captions on a television than when you can actually hear or see it. See, sound effects are shown as [laughter] or [applause] or the like. Very different effect. Honestly, seeing all those [laughter] captions made it feel like a tiresome laugh-track.

Incidentally, this guy had a guest who wrote a book about herself pretending to be a man for a while, or the like. And they were joking about it, hamming up the 'manliness thing' (and attempted to talk about sports before confessing they both knew nothing about it). Anyway, the host joked that he lived as a female stripper for two years. =P But then one of them asked the other out for dinner, and that line actually amused me for once, for some reason.

But, yeah. Stereotypes. Eh.


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