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Today, I saw the upside-down tower. It hung, solemn in its impossibility. Ebony blocks converging in concentric jigsaw puzzles, each one a terraced layer. The very last one, the cap, formed a perfect unbroken sphere.

"Unsettling. A break with your previous reality. Turning their world upside is a talent." She said with Her enigmatic, eccentric smile.

I looked back for the voice I did not hear, could not hear through my broken ears. And behind I saw the ring of humans. Locked together in a circular embrace, shuffling around in an endless congo-less line. Just walking in a tread-worn trench in the ground, each one holding their hands upon the shoulder. I could see the break in the circle where I had suddenly jarred out of it.

As I watched, some struggled, reaching outward. But the people directly behind them in the line gripped hard onto their shoulders, wrestling them back into position. The circle continued, each one locking each other into it.

"How curiously absurd," I thought, "They're stuck in it because of the others, but if everyone just stopped it, there'd be no circle."

She said, "Yes, quite funny. You've been thinking sometimes like a Discordian, sometimes even speaking like one. Now will you live like one?"

I stared. The circle blurred in my eyes becoming soothing softness. Secure softness. Pleasantly suffocating.

Away I tore my eyes. Around the ring sat scattered and few disoriented escapees, still blinking. Now and then, one wandered off into the strange sharp-edged unknowns stretching off. A greatness of mystery within which the circle was tiny, huddled. Somehow I had went down some rabbit hole.

I paused.

"I've seen this, haven't I? Is this actually the first time I've broken out? Will I end up back in the circle, yet again and again?" I asked of Her.

Eris just laughed.


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