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Dimensions Colliding

Different people have different names for them. Worlds, planes, dimensions, universes. Whatever they're called, the dimensions every now and then draw close. At the right places and times, there're those that can hop between them, discovering all sorts of wonders and horrors. Dimensions full of fire, dimensions like yours own but with subtle and unsubtle changes, places where the gods dwell, dimensions that're just vast oceans, dimensions where balloon-like spheres constantly rise and fall through a landless atmosphere, dimensions of hexagonal tunnels everywhere...

You're one of those people who hop between dimensions. Maybe you knowingly took that first step, seeking adventure or discovery or treasure or the various other reasons people go on interdimensional adventures. Maybe you unknowingly took it, and now you're stranded far from home, trying to find your way back. Maybe you're a scout sent by your people. Maybe you were exiled from your own dimension for injust reasons.

Whatever the case, you find that not only have a vaster vista than you could possibly imagine opened up, but wherever you go, you sometimes change to fit. That flooded universe? Suddenly you have gills and flippers or webbed feet and hands. The fiery plane? Now you find yourself adapted to the flames, though some areas are still too hot for you. And so on.

For the seasoned traveler, there are rumors of a shining city filled with every conceivable thing from the multiverse, which stands between all things and which has connections to everywhere. Is it just a rumor?

Colliding Worlds is a Valor tabletop game which will be played on Roll20. To register your interest just post here with the following:

Name: Your preferred alias.

Contact info: Your plurk or AIM or whatever.

Time zone and availability: When're you available?

Character concept: This can be a wide variety of things. You could come from a high or low fantasy setting, or futuristic or modern or prehistoric setting, or whatever.

Requests: Anything you want to see in the game? This is your chance to request a dimension of cats or whatever.
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[personal profile] awestriker 2016-05-22 01:39 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Awe
Contact: [plurk.com profile] awestriker
Time Zone: GMT-7 (Mountain)
Availability: Friday nights, Sunday mornings, and Saturday during the day are the easiest. Sunday nights I have something going on about once every two months; Tuesday nights something is going on roughly every other week; Thursday nights, it's kind of irregular but about twice a month (but you're booked Thursday evenings anyway right?). Sunday afternoons, Wednesday nights, and Saturday nights (from 6 PM my time zone on) are right out. It's unlikely that other people are available during the day on weekdays but I can make that work too???
Character Concept: I'm kind of torn between a sci-fi government test subject that got a psychic alien parasite implant (who'd be a G/M/Sp Malevolent Entity character) or a kinda-somewhere-between-steampunk-and-crystalpunk/kinda-mid-Industrial-Revolution freelance defender with a mystery robot helper that seems to be too advanced for her home dimension (name: Tamika Orion; robot's name something from Irish mythology; a G/M/St character with a Companion.)
Requests: There should be one world where a disaster has rendered it mostly-uninhabitable and the surviving towns are reliant on resources from dangerous locations they just can't settle. (If you've played Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles yes that is what I'm going for).

[personal profile] durendal 2016-05-22 01:46 am (UTC)(link)
Name: BF!

Contact info: @blazingfool on plurk

Time zone and availability: I'm in EST, and I'm out on Monday and Thursday nights.

Character concept: I have a few concepts! First is a pulpy sci-fi explorer guy, second is a brassy Amelia Earhart expy, third is a humble fantasy knight guy, fourth is literally just Cave Johnson. I think I'm actually most interested in the fourth one: have my character be a loud, idiotic CEO type who is exploring the dimensions for SCIENCE (and money) and insists on bossing the other PCs around.

Requests: Anything where we meet and/or fight our alternate universe counterparts.
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[personal profile] yubishines 2016-05-22 02:51 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Van

Contact info: piratopteryx @ plurk, yubishines @ skype

Time zone and availability: EST/EDT, free most evenings except friday. Thursday evenings are a grey area since I have another game that's on hiatus.

Character concept: Don't know for sure yet, some possibilities:
- Wild west outlaw type; in their dimension, the trains are magical -- they can literally take you to different worlds -- and the outlaw snuck a ride onto one to escape the authorities.
- An alien stranded on a prehistoric-era planet. They were trying to build a spaceship to get back home, but something went wrong.
- A magical girl from modern-day Earth who's been called to another dimension, a la Rayearth, to save it from destruction!... except the Bad Guys tampered with the summoning ritual and she's been thrown way off course.

Requests: A recurring NPC (either an ally or a baddie), except we hardly ever meet the same iteration of them twice, just their alternate-universe counterparts.
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[personal profile] toneoftherats 2016-05-22 03:20 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Heron

Contact info: copperprism @ plurk, ardea11herodias @ skype

Time zone and availability: EST, unavailable Friday nights (and Monday nights come fall)

Character concept: Ideas:

Former powerful mage who destroyed their universe (intentionally? accidentally?) and barely escaped with their life and a little bit of their magic.

A sentient bottle who talks (to its wielder(s) only? anyone but it'd usually be weird?) and can magically appear wherever its ever-changing contents are wanted most.

A talking cat who just happens to be able to dimensionhop. Alternatively, a very friendly dog.

A small robot sent on a mission to explore everything out there.

Requests: A dimension made entirely of holograms but they sometimes forget they're supposed to be hard light or flicker out or glitch. Or a dimension that looks normal but on close inspection everything is really tiny goldfish.
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[personal profile] abzu 2016-05-22 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
If u get too many people feel free to cut me out first, I am in approximately fifty games, but if you need somebody to round out ur party i'm ur gal

Name: Emily

Contact info: [plurk.com profile] deerleisure

Time zone and availability: Tues/Wed/Fri PM

Character concept:
-Adina Wilhelm, flunked mage and failed knight turned adventurer. Travels the multiverse with her pet cat, Lily. Spunky shounen adventurer, but still maintains her femininity. Str/Spr build, focused on dark magic and swinging a giant sword.
-Reyn the Evercold, disposed evil empress who ruled her world with an iron gauntlet of death and despair, until she was defeated, her power stripped away, a geas put on her that forces her to help others, and thrown into the multiverse. Either Str/Spr or Str/Mnd build.
-Kiki, a girl who was put into a robotic body following a horrific accident. Spoilers, there was no accident, she's an AI with programmed memories to make her think she's human. An actual lab accident sends her through the multiverse. Str/Guts build.

Requests: A completely normal universe with no powers and they're forced into wacky hijinks in high school or college or whatever.
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[personal profile] pikabot 2016-05-22 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Peter
Contact info: [plurk.com profile] pikabot

Time zone and availability: EST. I've got stuff in the evenings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, althought he Mondays one is probably going away soon.

Character concept: Here's a couple.

- Superhero with fire powers, who wound up kicked out of her home dimension after...superhero stuff happened. You know how that is. Spirit/Strength
- Martial artist who wanders the many worlds looking for tough guys to hone her skill against. Agility/Guts
- Self-made cyborg from a futuristic world whose systems are always in need of repair. Mind/Agility

Requests: N/A

[personal profile] psionichax0r 2016-05-22 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Aki

Contact info: pm's to this account, akibara@plurk

Time zone and availability: GMT-8 (PST) availability is weekdays after 4, saturday before 6:00. and anytime sunday as long as we end before 9:00.

Character concept: -runaway witch looking for the place she belongs
-cyborg robocop chasing the baddie that destroyed her world through dimensions
-princess looking for the sweet loot of her kingdom that was stolen
-a bard looking to make her name known across the multiverse

Requests: a cat dimension sounds great actually. also politics, and a bill and ted style concert that saves the world!
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[personal profile] vehrec 2017-01-26 03:00 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Vehrec

Contact info: Vehrec is always Vehrec, anywhere you care to make contact.

Time zone and availability: anytime before midnight EST.

Character concept: Mecha pilot rudely ripped from the Final Episode Psychic Showdown with her Nemesis. (Aura/guts)
Techno-Barbarian Pharoh (not sure how this one will scan out, but there you go, it's a concept at least, summons or companions for minion time)
Demon possessing an Orc, uses black magic and orc-y strength. Sometimes, the Orc gets control back for a while.

Requests: I'm not sure what I would want to suggest just yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.