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Recruitment post for World Below

Once there was warfare across the world. Orc against human. Elf against dwarf. Lizardfolk against pantherfolk. Fishpeople against merfolk. And more. But that all mostly came to an end after a group of sorcerors and priests created the Great Peace, allowing misunderstandings to be bridged and age-old prejudices set aside. Since then, there has been an age of peace and prosperity. Well, mostly. Individuals still have disagreements, sometimes violent ones, and now and then nations have clashed against each other. Bandits still existed. But overall things are quieter than the old days of warfare.

A popular way of settling otherwise irreconcilable disagreements emerged, with champions competing against each in trials, sometimes simple combat, sometimes highly complex. Nations often used this method to hone their soldiers' skills, because there was still a certain uneasiness.

There are those brave explorers of the ruins of bygone wars called 'adventurers' by some and tomb robbers by others. Frequently those adventurers' skill sets also allowed them to work as champions.

And then the major upheaval, both literally and figuratively, appeared. After earthquakes across the whole world, people discovered a vast network of underground passages and rooms in many spots. Or at least it is theorized to be one interlinked network.

Many who attempted to explore this network didn't return, and it was discovered that those passages were populated with monsters and traps. Only the adventurers were bold enough to continue onward. What they found... were treasures beyond imagination.

This quickly caused a competition among nearly all nations and people to extract treasures from what has come to be known as the Dungeon. A new gold rush has began, and you are those that, for one reason or another, have joined in. Perhaps you are making scholarly study of the fascinatingly strange Dungeon. Perhaps you are seeking gold and glory. Perhaps you have debts or a sick relative who needs expensive medicines. Perhaps you have been dispatched by a government or have other agendas of your own.

Whatever the reason, you have assembled as a team to explore the strange world below.

I will be using the Strike! system, which is essentially a blend of influences including simplified D&D 4E and more story heavy narrative games.

Usual drill:
1. Name
2. Contact info (probably Plurk)
3. Time of availability (please be more specific than "Thursday evenings" or whatever). Give time ranges and timezones.
4. Concepts. Since this is a class-based system, I will link to this document that along with explaining character creation gives descriptions for the base classes plus two expansion classes (I have the expansions as well as the core rulebook). Classes can be reflavored (so for example, the Martial Artist can be a stance-based fighter or a shapeshifter while the Archer can be using magic blasts or whatever). There are also playtest classes which include a bard, dancer, illusionist, and more, but they're generally a little more on the complex side.
5. Favorite bizarre monster, trap, or treasure. Or all three.
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1. Name: Incardine
2. Contact info (probably Plurk): [plurk.com profile] NekoIncardine
3. Time of availability: My best days are Wednesday starting from 6 PM Pacific time, Friday after same, or anytime Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are also acceptable, starting from 6 PM Pacific.
4. Concepts: Two so far:

* A fairly classical Elven Archer (Blaster), possibly specifically an Elf Noblewoman who really needs a lot of money RIGHT NOW!!!!

* A noble's maidservant... Magician Leader. Playing to the Meido archetype in various fashions.
5. Favorite bizarre monster, trap, or treasure: My favorite treasure is the broad category of 'highly flavorful utility stuff' - things that don't directly influence combat, but that any adventurer would love to have anyways. Classic examples include the Handy Haversack and evolutions thereof, and the Travel Cloak (provides for protection from cold, rain, and snow, food and drink, and even turns into a tent on command).

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1. Name: Minki
2. Contact info: Froncentrate at Plurk
3. Time of Availability: Monday-Wednesday, Friday from 6PM Pacific, Sunday after 3PM Pacific. More time might open up depending on when my temp job ends, but sometime around the evening is preferred.
4. Concepts: I'll update as I go but:

-A dwarven clerk (summoner) from a theocratic kingdom sent to oversee its interests. Serious-minded fellow who seems to talk about her faith more like a corporate enterprise, she stamps approvals to beckon angelic assistance.

-Necromancer, but I'm still figuring out an angle
5. Favorite bizarre monster, trap, or treasure: Weird and unexpected mimics
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I dunno if I can do this unless one of my other campaigns ends BUT...

1: Eric
2: [plurk.com profile] overbringer
3: I can make any day work. My schedule is malleable. The only limits are I am currently in OTHER games at 7pm* Monday, 5pm Thursday, and 5pm Friday. Sundays are also unideal. The later the better, as long as it's not past 7pm.
4: Mechanically: Something sneaky. Right now I'm looking at Rogue, Duelist, or Archer with the controller or striker sub-role.
Storywise: a thief who found a genie and wished for wealth. They are now working together (the genie being another PC) to enact the Genie's ten step plan to gain vast riches, because genies can only snap their fingers and generate coins out of nothingness in stories.
5: My favorite treasure was the 64,000 pound ball of coal an alchemist gave us as a quest reward since she didn't have anything else on hand in an epic level 3.5 campaign. Our Minotaur berserker could use it as a flail while he was raging.

*All times are PST
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1. Emily
2. [plurk.com profile] deerleisure
3. Saturdays any time are probably ideal, but I can also work with Fridays after 6 ET, Monday between 6ET and 10 ET, and Sundays after OPV.
4. Mechanically: Magician, Bombardier, or Psion, with a role of Blaster or Controller.
Storywise: a djinn/genie who was found by a thief ans has to grant them three wishes. First wish? To be super rich. TIME TO WORK FOR YOUR WISH, MASTER-THIEF, LET'S GO! That finger-snapping wish-granting is only in stories, bucko.
5. Currently? My fav monsters are Animal/Weapon Hybrids. I like the halberd/bird fusion named Halbird the most.
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Alternative concept;

A runaway slave who was re-caught, and given a choice; go back to slavery, or go and earn her freedom in the dungeons. She made her choice.

Mechanically, Martial Artist Controller or Striker.
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1. Badge
2. [plurk.com profile] dragomorph
3. Horrifyingly erratic. Sunday evenings might work assuming Prof doesn't decide to meet on a Sunday instead, and Wednesday evenings are also out due to Prof. Beyond that, I'm either available or I'm not.
4. "Battle Lawyer." Which is to say a guy with a lawyer background, but also some training in military tactics. Not very street smart and depressingly aware of it. Asked by a former client/friend to look for a daughter who disappeared into the dungeon after being accused of a crime; wants to know why she's there, or if she's still alive. Obliges out of a sense of duty. Very dry, cynical sense of humor. Mechanically looking at Warlord (renamed "Tactician") with Controller role. (Can also fill Leader role if nobody else does.)
5. Kai's voice-mimicking amulet from the Worldstone campaign. :V