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Recruitment post for Valor Battle High

Once, there was a hero, Lilac, who slew many monsters who had been corrupted by malign chi. She ascended to become the greatest hero of all time, even cleaving a possessed mountain in half. Then she went away into the monsters' homeland to take the fight to them, and hasn't been seen since.

But this isn't about her. Some people, impressed by her feats, decided to create a school to train future heroes to become as great as her. They placed it on the site of her greatest feat--right between the cleft mountain's halves. Even though they were told that's a stupid idea and it's out of the way and away from civilization, they preserved. That was a good while ago, and since then a town's sprung up around Lilac High.

You're newcomer students to this school. You train to master the chi that flows through all things, in one or more of multiple methods to access and use it.

The weapon users, wielding powerful weapons that channel chi to perform mighty attacks. Weapons can vary from simple but strong, to highly complex multi-mode trick weapons, to weirder ones like dolls, books, and so on. The common element is that you channel chi through an external object.

The martial artists, who go through harsh training to turn their bodies into chi channels. Using a mixture of mediation techniques, vigorous exercise, acupuncture, a special diet, and other methods, they can do impressive feats with their bodies alone. But many don't make it through the training and switch to another class.

The magicians, who academically study the flow of chi. They use complex formulas and rituals to manipulate chi to do their will. This is a very mentally challenging method, especially doing it in combat situations, and those that manage it tend to be either geniuses or have an intuitive understanding of chi.

The inherent users, who possess an assortment of strange chi anomalies that give them novel and often odd abilities. The one with a living shadow, the one with a manifested book that controls anyone drawn in it, the one who can see the future and faraway places, and so on. While there're cases of people who've gained inherent abilities, it's difficult and risky so the majority are those born with those chi anomalies.

The nonhumans, who cover a variety of intelligent non-human entities, from vampires to werewolves to fox spirits to ogres and countless other mythological or otherwise unusual creatures. They train in the school to better their mastery of their strange abilities and to develop their combat skills.

And then there're the hybrids, who master more than one school.

Will you step up to the challenge of becoming the greatest hero? Will you brave one of the most notable and challenging battle schools? Will you forge ahead forming friendships and facing the shadows of your own past? Will you deal with the many strange quirks of Lilac High? Will you compete for the best cafeteria food, take part in a tournament or two, face the horrors of the highly unusual field trips, and more?

If you're interested, I just need the following:
* Name and plurk
* Time availability
* Character concept(s).
* Questions?
* Post your favorite hype moment.
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NAME Emily [plurk.com profile] deerleisure
AVAILABILITY Basically it needs to be the same day and preferably close to the same time as whatever game of yours this is replacing. Or Saturday.
CONCEPT Robot. Basically my idea is that there's one nation that has, well, really shitty chi abilities. They find it hard to fight off monsters and have developed their technology further to try and even the playing field. My robot represents the culmination of their technological advances, and is being sent to the combat school to gather data which will, in the future, be copied to every subsequent unit to be built.
QUESTIONS okay I said robot but really what is this world's tech level??? would this nation be miles and miles and leagues ahead of everybody else by having a robot, or is this just a small step up from everybody else?
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Name: Awe / [plurk.com profile] awestriker
Availability: Currently I'm most open on Friday evenings and Saturdays all day. Even so, I reserve the right to back out if the campaign begins at a time I can't manage it.
Concept: A very shrewd, deal-striking werewolf from a mid-size town. Her parents are hoping not just that this will be an important part of her development as a fighter but also as a lover and will never once forget to ask whether she's dating. She fights as much with contracts with spirits as she does with her teeth, claws, and instinct.
Questions: The details of what exactly being a werewolf entails are at the very least for my character's case up to me, correct?
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Name: Minki, plurk: froncentrate
Time Availability: Same with Emily, honestly, except I don't think I can make Saturday work. I'm free on the weekdays minus Tuesday, but I feel like being on the west coast might muck up the schedule.
Character concept(s): So some backstory since I thought that far! In a certain land where the terrain is rife with chi, a kingdom has been formed by a prophet who brought people salvation with their mastery over the elements. As proof of their miracles, this prophet has left behind a grimoire said to contain not just the entirety of their understandings of chi, but their very soul. Over generations, the kingdom's royalty soon believed that such performances were below them. By birthright, they had access to knowledge that could shake the foundations of the world. It was sufficient that they protected the commoners from the burden of such knowledge, while leaving them to be self-sufficient with their lives. They stopped practicing the arts entirely, leaving that to their trusted court mages, scholars, and soldiers.

This proved to be the kingdom's undoing. An ambitious court mage who yearned for a return of those legends, back when being royalty meant like being gods, gathered together their supporters and ousted the royalty for their indolence. Both the king and queen were captured, but as their final act, they entrusted their most loyal servant with the safety of both the young prince and the kingdom's greatest treasure, the founder's grimoire.

He made it to safety, but he knew it came at the cost of his parents' death. The young prince who had never known want or worry found that the world was a larger place than he thought. And it was cold and angry. He tried living a peaceful, modest life of anonymity with his parents' servant, but found he would still obsess over righting the injustice of his parents' murder. The prince attuned himself to the grimoire and vowed to become someone who could stand against the usurpers. To do so, he enrolled in Liliac High, an academy renowned for producing exactly that type of figure. A "hero".

In the school, the princeling mage will end up being the bratty, antisocial, assistant librarian. He cries often because of how rigorous academics are compared to the privileged and pampered way he grew up. Worse, he can't flaunt his birthright because 1) it means nothing
in Liliac High and 2) he's hiding from people who need him dead. Instead of fighting directly, he channels his chi into his powerful grimoire that fights in his stead. Over time, once he becomes a more powerful mage and has a clearer understanding of what it means to be a hero, he may no longer need the founder's grimoire. An aura/mind/guts character.
Questions: N/A
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Name: Peter, [plurk.com profile] pikabot
Time Availability: Weekend evenings, Tuesday evenings once Dimensions ends
Character Concept: A martial artist of the Lucha Libre school. A masked warrior who battles evil with bodyslams, clotheslines, piledrivers, high-flying techniques, and sick jumps off of the ropes.
Hype: The greatest drop-kick of all time.
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Hello! I saw this as a replurk on my timeline!

Name and plurk: David [plurk.com profile] windykitsune
Time availability: Wednesday and Friday nights, usually Sunday nights also. Cooouuuld change though.
Character Concept: A chi archer from a small village that worships a sacred tree, said to have been planted by Lilac herself (the legend is so old, who knows if it's true). Their bow is made from a branch of the tree that they carved themselves and basically functions as a Green Lantern Ring Bow. In other words, if they can imagine a type of arrow, the bow can fire it. However, growing up in a small village, they're extremely sheltered and don't have a great imagination or knowledge of what the world is actually like. They left their village to become a great hero, but have no idea what that actually means.
Questions? Nothing I can think of right now!
Hype moment: possible MHA spoilers maybe
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aaauuugh, well it was the end of Chapter 76
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Name and Plurk: Incardine, [profile] nekoincardine
Time Availability: Most weeknights after 5ish Pacific Time; Sunday, prefer later day.
Concepts: (NAME TO BE DETERMINED), vampiress and blatant expy of Yuunagi Irie. Some creep she thought was a flasher jumped her, and then she fell unconscious and became some kind of superbeing. She has a few powers, the most combat-useful of which is the ability to drain energy from people she strikes directly with fist or feet.

The problem is, all these powers, while they can be developed, come at a painful cost: Chi does not flow through her body naturally, prohibiting her from being able to efficiently use it in combat; she can slowly do certain utilitarian tricks with it, but much slower than most. Thus, she relies on mundane martial arts to face enemies up close, where they're vulnerable to her power - or just to getting the crap kicked out of them. (She is unnaturally strong after all...)

And of course there's the whole bloodlust thing. And the stereotypes (SHE CAN LOOK AT HERSELF IN A MIRROR JUST FINE THANK YOU). Oh, and someone let her records get out, so everyone knows she's a vampire. And the part where her master sort of got expelled from the school for "The Harem Incident", meaning the one person she knows can explain the exact powers she's going to get is not reliably in reach. But he's also a creeper who was responsible for A HAREM INCIDENT WHAT THE HELL, so maybe not a big loss???

Questions: None
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