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Interest Check for "Fuck the Status Quo" time travel game!

This is an interest check for a game that won't happen for quite a while, but the basic premise is: Your characters' future selves show up, grant your characters the ability to travel through time and space at will, and now they're free to do whatever they want with it. Including fixing history so it doesn't suck so much.

The basic flow will go something like this: your characters decide to fix some atrocity, inciting event for a war, or other such bad thing so that it never happened. You probably infiltrate first, mingle a little, figure out how to change things. Or you could just go in guns blazing and assassinate a fictional dictator (all historical events will be not only fictional but made up by you the players, though I can provide suggestions if necessary) or whatever.

So there's the original version and then your changed version.

Some busybody 'time police', self-appointed guardians of the status quo timeline, show up. Maybe you end up fighting each other over whose version of events is the best. Maybe other meddlers appear and disagree with you on how to fix things. But those goddamned time police? They almost always show up.

The time police undo your changes. The other meddlers make their own changes atop your own. And so on.

So you basically have to take things into your hands and engage in (dramatic drumroll) Time Combat. Which is basically where you and your opponent try all kinds of ways to fuck each other over. Call upon future selves to lend you an item, knowledge, or show up to help you swarm your opponent! Fuck off to do a training montage and then return better handled to handle the situation! Try to engineer sinister paradoxes or traps to ensnare your opponent! Run away by retroactively editing the timeline so that you never were there! Basicaly all kinds of time antics until one side's time stress track ('health') runs out or someone makes a concession first.

There'll probably also be laid-back downtime in which your characters engage in time tourism, hold parties in exotic places and times, or whatever.

Oh, yeah, and there'll be a long-term plot. Which I won't spoil here (and will depend on what you create as characters). The setting'll have fantasy elements like magic, though, unless the majority says they don't want that..

Since this is just an interest check well in advance of the game actually happening, I won't be asking for time availabilities or the like until it's closer in the future. So I just want the following:

1. Name and plurk.
(Optional) 2. Character concepts.
(Optional) 3. Questions.
(Optional) 4. Things you'd like to see in the game.
(Optional) 5. Meme or gif or whatever related to time travel.