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Flooded City (Apocalypse World game) recruitment post

I fully plan on running the game that inspired countless variants, Apocalypse World! In essence, Apocalypse World is a game about trying to make do with what you have and maybe further your agendas, whether that's to tear things down, form a religion, become rich, or even make the world a better place. Scarcity is core to the game's concept. Violence is dangerous to both sides but sometimes hard to avoid. Lots of people pursue their own sometimes ill-considered agendas. And yet... there's hope that you can achieve your goals and even make the world a better place.

I've heard the game compared to a post apocalyptic television drama series, and really that's what it feels most like.

Based on people's replies from my previous interest check, I'll be setting this in a city that's entirely underwater except for the taller buildings. Much of the world's been flooded, in fact. The city's inhabitants scavenge it for remnants of the ancient age and other goods to trade, but their lives aren't without troubles. Rival groups contest for resources and strange things and secrets exist. More details will be developed collaboratively with the players.

As for who you are? You are one of those standard playbooks:

The Hardholder, the big boss of a settlement. You have a small army and more money than anyone else, but the settlement's troubles are your troubles.

The Brainer, creepy psychic who is good at getting at people's secrets and fucking with them.

The Battlebabe, slick operator who is good at getting into trouble and out of it.

The Angel, healer that everyone relies upon when times get tough.

The Chopper, leader of a motorcycle gang (jetski gang in this setting).

The Driver, with their hot car (hot boat in this setting).

The Gunlugger, adept at violence and possessing the biggest guns.

The Hocus, leader of a cult or a group very akin to one.

The Maestro'D, owner of the best social establishment.

The Skinner, hot and beautiful and the best at tugging at people's heartstrings.

Or if you want something a little more off the beaten track, one of the extended playbooks:

The Quarantine, fresh out of cryosleep and with memories of the old world.

The Faceless, masked murder machine.

The Waterbearer, who is the law in the best place to get clean water.

The Child-Thing, creepy child and the future.

The Show, whose music can be downright apocalyptic.

The News, spreader of the truth.

The Landfall Marine, who carries out a campaign to reclaim the land for their masters in orbit.

The Apocalypse World site has links to all the playbooks so you can take a more detailed look at them.

I need the following from potential players:
* Name and plurk
* Time availability
* Playbook(s) you're interested in.
* Questions?
* Optionally, something weird.
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name: Kasu | [plurk.com profile] kaosblaze
time availability: looking like weekday evenings and weekends are my best bet for now. going into a new gig, things may change; i'll keep you in the know.
playbooks: in order of priority: the news, the maestro'd, the brainer, the waterbearer, the hardholder
questions: is the main setting going to be mainly metropolitan, i.e. in the ruins of a giant city with flooded buildings around, or more on empty oceans with settlements dotting the place?
something weird:
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