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Recruitment for Martial Arts Weirdos (name pending)

Welcome to a world of hypercompetitive martial artists, who compete to see who's the best, including in absurd fields like martial arts dining and martial arts sewing. Alliances are made and fall based on sometimes petty factors, and many parents foster often unwanted engagements upon their children while seeking beneficial ties to other schools, while others strive to be better parents than that while still managing the reputations of their own martial art schools.

The supernatural exists within this world, and there're martial artists who utilize it. There're also martial artists who've had run-ins with it, in some cases even gaining life-altering curses, blessings, or both, which can even extend as far as outright transforming them.

You are teenagers who have grown up in this weird world, formidable martial artists in your own right. You're navigating your parents' expectations and/or hopes, weirdos challenging your school, people whose lives don't revolve around martial arts, the general challenges of growing up, the supernatural, unexpected life changes, and in some case romantic entanglements and/or figuring out (or asserting) your self-identity. Oh, and high school, though considering everything else going on in your lives that's almost certainly a background factor.

In short this is a tabletop game inspired by Ranma 1/2 but not directly using the same setting. I'm weighing systems--I'm thinking of using Panic at the Dojo but open to other possibilities.

I'd like the following:
* Name and contact info
* Time availability
* Character concept(s)
* Questions?
* Funny marital arts moment
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NAME: Emily [plurk.com profile] deerleisure
AVAILABILITY: ........fuck. Uh. Shit. Hold on.
Okay. Thursdays at 7 PM ET. Fridays, during ToV time, if u wait until ToV is done. Saturday afternoons. Mondays at like 6 or 7 ET, but only if you wait until CV is done (about two months left, maybe less.)
CHARACTER CONCEPT: A boy who gets some sort of curse or blessing to transform into a girl, and finds he prefers to be a she? Other than that, toss in some martial arts, maybe a really strong quirk, and voila.
QUESTIONS: Japan? y/n
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"Is Rantaro your character for this game?" No. Rantaro's just having a fun time.

PLAYER: Nyanka ([plurk.com profile] Nyanka)
AVAILABILITY: My work schedule is in a state of perpetual flux but I'm generally available before 4PM ET most of the time. I should be available most times, just poke me to let me know.
CHARACTER CONCEPT: I have a few of them, but I know I want to play a girl and she will be butch. Kinda inspired by Kung Fu Hustle, definitely gonna toss one of the old fashioned water activated curses on her. Would like to skim through this game's character creation section first for some ideas.
QUESTIONS: This is my very first time doing a tabletop RP with DW people. What do I do? Where are we playing? Do I have to write up a big ol character sheet?
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Oh, neat! What's Roll20.net?
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Anything Goes Marital Arts

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Name: Pepper (lil Witch Pepper on Discord)
Time Availability: Mondays all day, and irregular Weekdays.
Character Concepts
Saltina - A cookery martial artist, training a cook-everything style, and her goal is to fight other battle chefs to earn training. (maybe looking for magical ingredients too for special dishes idk)
Spyce - A self-proclaimed witch, and researcher of the occult. Looks to find blessed places and cursed items and such, and help those afflicted. She's a mess and may be cursed in a few ways.
Questions: None atm
Funny Gay Martial Arts
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Name and contact info - Bliss, [plurk.com profile] therealbliss
Time availability Ah, therein lies the rub. Maybe Tuesdays or alternate Saturdays during the day, sometime between noon and 5 PST.
Character concept(s)
- straight up "Akane only allowed to be competent:" mostly serious martial artist doing serious kenpo, straight man (so to speak, she's bi as hell), hates those boys over there trying to fight her to date her
- ultrafemme magical girl through supernatural martial arts, possibly amab but '''cursed??''' with a goofy name. She beats up fights crime! Probably a shameful otaku in civilian life.
Questions? Like we go to the same high school right.
Funny marital arts moment
I googled 'goofy martial arts...'

...I'm not sure what I expected.
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Name: Prof / [plurk.com profile] ProfessorProf
Availability: Before TOV and CV end: Tuesday evenings, and early on Saturdays. After TOV and CV end: Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, and Friday evenings. Consider me low priority with how hairy this is.
Character Concepts:
- Genderfluid disaster and heir to a hot-blooded family of powerful masters in both the world of business and the world of martial arts. Raised to be enabled to follow and conquer any path and become master of their own destiny, but honestly their life ambition is to marry rich.
- One of a pair of eternal rivals and probably also love interests. Both huge, melodramatic morons. They accidentally destroyed an ancient shrine in one of their duels, and both became cursed - when the curse triggers, they switch bodies.
Questions: What's on the table other than Panic at the Dojo?
Martial Arts:
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NAME Foxfire, [plurk.com profile] MadarFoxfire
AVAILABLE Weekdays 7-12 EST, weekends whenever but not after midnight Sunday.
- Bitter elderly sorceress who spent her entire life being serious and researching the magics and repressing it every time she wanted to do something fun, ended up fucking up a youth spell and now whenever she calls something foolish or childish she's replaced with her past self at five or twenty until she tries the thing. This isn't just a physical transformation, it's her entire self, memories and all, so if, for example, she curses someone and then complains about kids today and their motorbikes, she's going to be sixteen until she gets into a motorbike chase and have no idea how to undo the curse because she studied that at age thirty. She's likely responsible for the problems of several NPCs and possibly PCs. Her own curse sounds like it's easy to avoid but complaining is a hard habit to break. She might end up complaining about weddings and ending up modelocked in young adult mode once she's established, leading towards a situation in which she wants to get married but can't without turning into an old woman at the altar.
QUESTIONS I literally just flipped back to plurk and noticed you've already settled on a party but I wanted to at least hit submit after I typed up a concept. I'm down to guest now and then if that's how you roll
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NAME: David/Tomiko/anything else you want to call me [plurk.com profile] windykitsune
AVAILABILITY: Well this was already decided as Mondays 7 or 8 EST, so that shouldn't be a problem for me to do (there may be like 1 week a month where I can't, but I should have pretty advance knowledge of it)
CHARACTER CONCEPT: Okay so it's the child of a long lineage of merchants who deal in legendary/mystic/cursed/etc treasures. They're supposed to be the next one to take over the business, which they're thrilled about, but parents want them to marry someone to ensure an heir first since the business goes back within the family like 100 generations. Fighting style is goofy, using everyday items as weapons. Definitely needs further development, but that's the starting point.
QUESTIONS: Would a curse be required?