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I don't really have a natural language. Not in the sense that is generally meant by language.

All words are difficult to me. The pictures described by the words do not match the pictures that are in my mind. The pictures in my mind are far more colorful and charged with emotional energy than words can manage to for me.

ASL, in some senses, is easier than English for me. But my ultimate language would be environment manipulation. Warping the very surroundings around me to convey my message, making an experience. An experience that would sometimes confuse or disorient most people, heh.

Something like this might be the kind of message that I might communicate. Or something easier to grasp, it's not like my mind's a total maze of surreality. But those more mundane matters're what regular words suffice for, since words were after all created to describe the realities largely shared and comprehensible by most humans. It's the stuff for which there are no words that I'm frustrated over being unable to communicate.

Especially when someone asks me how I'm feeling, and I have no real answers I can give in words. Or I just reply with something absurd like:
"I'm a moon!"
"The world is marble."

When I give you a reply like that? Mostly it's my grasp of language breaking down and spitting out random silliness instead of coherent meaning.

Even if I gained the types of communication abilities I desired, I think there would still be a part of me generally incomprehensible to most others.

In the meantime... I might try anyway. I'm often too silent, I don't voice the thoughts on my mind nearly enough.
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Benjamin Franklin:
"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."

I looked up the exact form of quote because I wanted to discuss it, but then my intended post changed because I noticed that people in quoting this tended to omit the modifier words. Without "essential" and "temporary", the quote assumes a very different and more absolute character. One can hold an interesting discussion about what is an essential liberty and why, or why the security gained through the surrender of essential liberties is temporary (the one you surrender it to gains the power to destroy not only the security it granted but also the security that was once granted by the liberty you gave up).

One cannot hold an interesting discussion about "If you give up any liberty for any kind of security, you don't deserve any of it." Nevermind that society is formed by constraints on individual liberty and even the most anarchistic society would be this way for reason of simple self-survival. Nevermind that the drive for security is one of the basic drives that has enabled us to survive at all as a species. All such nuances are thrown out in the shortened version, though I suspect many people don't realize this, or that what they're quoting isn't necessarily the full original.

On the other hand, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." is a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. But, taken into context, I suspect he is talking about those essential liberties. So, what are the essential liberties? They appear to be outlined in the Constitution and the Acts of Rights, and our country's founders have made their wills clear in many manners. And, moreover, the quote invites discussion of why this loss of liberty also leads to loss of security.

Anyway, I've seen the Benjamin Franklin line repeated often enough to lose its much of its meaning (and the short version doesn't help). Ann Rynd pod-clones seem to like it, too.

The original post was going to be about how the United States' founders weren't omniscient gods (though they had some good insights into government), but then I got distracted by this. I see a lot of quotes mangled like that, actually. Occam's Razor and Murphy's Law being particular famous examples.


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