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Remember kids, don't trust correlation without reason. It can lie to you. Isolation of all possible factors's a tough one on itself, let always establishing the causation link in a correlation. Not only that, that causation link might lie in both sides of the correlation (each feeding the other), a third factor altogether, etc.

Sure, violence's gone up since we had violent TV. But violent TV's gone up since we had increased violence, and both's gone up since other things're happening.
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Scientists play the dart game of science by figuring out what theories win the highest scores and then using them to play the game. Lots of Creationists attempt to play by trying to get their competitors disqualified for not getting perfect bull's-eyes every single time, instead of actually bothering to play the game. They don't understand it's not about the perfect scores, but rather about the highest scores. Or they play by slandering their competitors as dishonest liars and cheats. Most of them don't actually bother to throw any darts, and the ones that do pretty much do poorly.

Seriously, try to pull the bullshit Creationists do in an actual dart game, and the other players'll laugh at you. It's not about scoring perfectly (something that both science and Creationism fails at), it's about getting the best score (and science trumps Creationism on this particular game, utterly).

I've seen more prediction accuracy from evolution than from creationism. The ones that I know of creationists making (like we'd never find certain transitional fossils, or we'd never find a certain way of explaining certain things) have pretty much not panned out. There's a single one still pending, that all the 'junk DNA' would turn out to in fact have functions. A few bits of it's been discovered to have function, but the vast majority still remains without apparent function. Time will see on this.

Evolution kicks butt yet again.


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