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Sorry for the delay. Had a hard time with this section. Also, I've decided to post only when I have more or less a whole episode's worth of material. That means no more daily posting, just daily writing.
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A particularly dialogue-heavy segment. Was going to write more, but I'm feeling like crap so I'm stopping at what seems like a decent point and calling it a day. It's a good thing I wrote most of this yesterday--it gave me an effective buffer to post today.
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Okay, trying this synopsis thing again.

Sky's Crack is about a girl who goes by the nickname Angel but is known by the school as Devil Girl because of her fearsomely violent reaction to being bullied over her innocent wish to be an angel. She and her gang of misfits do their best when asked to be magical girls, but there're many complications including the question of the best ways to do good. Their notions of reality are in danger of crumbling along with the world itself.

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Had to finish writing this on my phone. No computer access and I wanted to keep up a daily pace. At least I now know I'm committed to it, if I'm putting that much trouble into it to tap it out on my little phone keyboard.
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Not quite as happy with this segment, but onward I go writing! ^.~
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Kinda of a magical girl story, in an odd way. It contains as a supporting character someone familiar to a few of you. Once again, bear in mind that I'm rusty at writing and could use criticism. First draft and all.
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This is a vignette about that pirate queen I spoke of in the entry about my Candyland dream. [livejournal.com profile] eclective said they would like to see her story. I considered this for a couple of days, and then sat down and started writing. I didn't know how long it would be, whether it would be a novel, short story, or in between. Part-way through it, I realized it'd be a short story. This is my first finished work in years, short as the story is. Commentary and criticism welcome.
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