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Assume the best about people that you can with the evidence given about them. Sometimes people give you damning enough evidence the best you can assume about them isn't much, but do it anyway.

That seems to do away with many misunderstandings.
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You know, I kinda get the impression humans are both pair-bonders and polygamous inherently. Two paradoxical natures in one mixed-up romantic creature. Of course, the actual amounts of either urge differ from person to person, even from time to time for the same person.
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There's a lot of neophobic, xenophobic crap floating around in the cultural waters like raw sewage, like lumps of poop. Some of its slimy grime seemed to have rubbed off on me as I grew up, and I still struggle with that sometimes. Pure irrational reaction against something outside the familiar. And I grew up in a liberal family, too, even.

I feel like Little Albert, who was tortured as a baby into developing a phobia of anything associated with bunnies by people who never saw him in a truly personal light. All just for the sake of science, thank goodness my country and others banned such experiments. Or, in my case, all for some imprinted culture.

Some of this is human nature, mind, but it's also exaggerated by culture.

As I wrote this, I felt quite angry about this. Not so much now that I'm posting it, but it still bothers me.

On the positive side, goofy Japanese latex costume pictures are pretty healing.


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