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"Okay, now that I have more distance between me and this movie, I can take a somewhat more level look at it. My first review I wrote while still in the anguish this movie induced in me. First off: with what this movie strives for, it would've earned either 1 star or 5 stars from me, nothing in between. This isn't a mediocre, average work. It isn't even an average bad work. It has moments of both sheer, stark brillance and awful, chaotic muddliness.

This is the first movie off Netflix that has ever moved me to write a review. It's not very forgettable. And I wasn't exaggerating about the movie hurting me, it actually caused a headache and dizziness in me. The only movie that's ever caused physiological reactions like that in me. And I still have images from it stuck in my head.

The low budget hurts it (the alien scenes're a little more tacky than they could be, especially the ones with the 'train'). The characters're kinda shallow, really (the female love interest, for example, whose only thought seems to be pursuit of the main character's affections). And the excessive scene transitions don't help (though they did stimulate very effectively in me the main character's cultureshock-induced illness).

But rating this solely on the sheer power of its imagery, it would be a 5. The 1 is for execution." - from my second Netflix review of The Man Who Fell to Earth. Yes, it moved me so much I wrote a second review.
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"Okay. This movie had a promising start. Some good ideas. The problem is, the movie went overboard with the jump cuts. The plot starts going more and more to disarray. Overacting really cropped up toward the end. Characters suddenly stopped making sense (maybe it was the unannounced leaps of years? years can change a person).

I liked the slow pacing. At first the strangeness was interesting, made the movie more memorable. David Bowie performed surprisingly well as an alien completely out of place. The severe culture shock...

Okay. It started out with the potential to get a decent few stars. A fair few stars. But the incongruousness got worse and worse, and the jump-cuts were putting me into a trance, making me almost something like seasick, giving me something akin to a bad trip. It would flip between two different scenes each few seconds or less.

My sister, then my mom, then I stopped being able to watch at about the same time, at the nonsequitor blank-shooting scene. I literally was dizzy. I literally feel a little traumatized. And I'm the one in the family with the most weird movie tastes.

If the makers'd exercised a little more restraint with some aspects of the movie, worked harder on some things, it could've been truly good. As is, it hurt me."

And I'm not kidding. I was seriously staggering around while making whiny merf-sounds or something, I don't know what it sounded like just that I was making whiny sounds, I think.

As I said to [livejournal.com profile] shatterstripes, "Peg, peg. It's not, not a good drug. It's a bad drug. Please don't watch it again. For your own sake."

I think I'll go lie down. Still a little dizzy.


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