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In large part, I'm inherently socially flaky to some extent, I think. Socialization is something I do for brief periods in between moments of extreme absorption. I often like having a general sense of people around but don't always feel like interacting directly with them. I do try, though, as thanks to those people who accept my sporadic interaction.

As an aside, I think this is a really cute icon. I seem to live for the fusion of the adorable and the warped, creepy or simply mutated.

Gasmask face! For some reason I love that name.
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Huh. I've been getting comments from totally random strangers lately. Perhaps something to do with the 'Explore' feature I vaguely recall hearing.

Well, hi there random strangers! How're you? Are your strawberry hats blossoming well?

I think I'm going to remember to friend-lock everything too personal from now on. That's been my usual habit anyway. But I still post some stuff I don't mind the general population seeing.
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If I was in a magic school with you, I would be showing you some pretty, sparkly, colorful thing I had just conjured. Now, if you were in a magic school with me, what would you be doing?

Bloody Mary

Dec. 9th, 2007 12:56 pm
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Bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary


Dec. 5th, 2007 05:59 am
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If I could, I would corrupt reality with prettiness.


Sep. 19th, 2007 03:41 am
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Tyrannosaurus rex and Stegosaur locked in mortal combat, when Kajasaur comes along and DEVOURS both of them! This is what happens when I notice that the dinosaur-shaped nuggets are the cheapest frozen chicken tenders in the store.

Mystic symbol dreaming of reality; it said, "Goodness me, that was a most frightfully peculiar dream!"

This post is what happens when I get a cold and wake up in the middle of the night then my kind roommate hands me medicines to take. Bless him, bless him until he turns pink.

Anti-Saint Kaja, spreading her contagion throughout the land, villainously thwarting heroic efforts to oppose her. Fortunately, her contagion makes people happy. And changes some people's genders. And species. And...

Spirals are cute.

Dreams of winged steel.

Sufficient! Quite sufficient. Terminating post.
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I'm back home from my journey, happy and secure, pleasantly daydreamingmellowing right now. I've noticed that immediately after such trips, I tend to go into an isolation-funk. But overall it was a great trip. Maybe more coming about it. I'm probably rambling because my powers and poers of concentration are very low right now and my powers of daydream high.

La fablish. ^.^

[Poll #1052125]
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Herefore, there is no Tuesday. There is instead the day of Flooba. Tuesday no longer exists, thus it shall be struck from all vocabulary and calendars everywhere. This is not merely a name change, this is a total eradication of the very essence of Tuesday and replacement with a wholly new day-essence, a completely different day.
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What are the most visually pretty written languages you know of? Right now, my vote goes to Arabic, but I'm sure there're prettier languages I don't know or haven't thought of. But all those smoothly flowing curves!
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Leave a comment. It can only be a number, nothing else. Any number.
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Oh, yeah, and there's the scrolling belt-buckle. Must not forget it. http://www.scrollingbuckle.com/ I found it amusing but thought it was just silly frippery, but then I realized: this is clothing that you can make to say anything you want, and you can change the message anytime. And, uh, I've always found those things kind of fascinating. I remember watching them at my school and anywhere else I encountered them, just to watch them scroll and scroll. Plus it has a kinda fun geek-ugly chic. And now you can wear one of those things around, having it saying much more interesting things than bland announcements. Maybe even goofy mock-announcements from Mars, etc.

Hell, I almost think one could use it to hypnotize the sorts of people easily entranced by it. I don't have any experience with this, though, so I don't know if it'd actually be useful, heh.

[livejournal.com profile] queenofstripes, if it wasn't for your inspiration, I wouldn't be looking as much beyond the surfaces at things like this with an eye for the weird possibilities. Thank you. :)

Edit: Goofy idea: techno-punko urban fairy look!
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You know, most people probably wouldn't classify a comment about an old silent movie with the "pop culture" tag.

Anyway, silly intentionally campy time-travelling comic! Werewolf Roman centurions with assault rifles! http://www.heebink.com/metacops1.html


Jul. 10th, 2005 11:12 pm
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Have you folks ever accidentally posted a post intended for a community on your personal journal rather than the community? Well, yeah, I have, too. (If you saw that post earlier, it was intended for a community intended to a paper-and-pencil RPG game I'm running.)
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Using a striped hyena instead of a wolf. That definitely impacted my ability to take Nosferatu seriously. I'm still chuckling now and then whenever I think of it. It's like having a ninja in Medieval Europe.

Edit: this probably was more frightening when people were more unfamiliar with such creatures. And the movie does have its good moments, like the distinctly eerie/creepy manner in which Nosferatu slowly rose out of his coffin like a board being levered up.
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Someone forgets you're deaf: 1 shot
That person had tried to send you a song (or link to one): 1 shot
It's in Flash: 2 shots
That person flagellates themselves for forgetting you're deaf: 1 shot
You realize you had forgotten you were deaf, too: 1 shot
When you tell someone you're deaf:
They are all sympathetic as if you told them you had some terminal disease: 1 shot
The words "I'm sorry" gets used in some form: 1 shot
They barrage you with questions: 1 shot
Those questions're novel: 10 shots (I've actually had this happen though)
Someone tells you they want to learn sign language: 1 shot

(You can tell that I'm an amateur at creating drinking games by the fact that I've ran out of ideas already. Any ideas, my few readers who might have experienced this?)

Also, interesting to me: The Cure


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