Oct. 9th, 2006 04:44 pm
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Strained something in my lower back. Wasn't even really doing any heavy lifting, just bending in slightly funky ways. Any suggestions for dealing with this? This thing quite derailed my plans for today.
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One: at no time today did I actually throw up. Spending most of my time either outside or in ventilated rooms helped.

Two: [ profile] glashund lent me his HEPA filter. Hopefully that'll help the problem!
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It looks like the mold in [ profile] glashund's house makes me sick. I've been noticing that I was throwing up about once every few weeks. Today was another of those days, when I really felt nauseous. But instead of staying inside and lying down to rest and suffer, I went outside for some fresh air. Turns out the less I was breathing the house's air, the better I was feeling.

Damn. Looks like the choices are thus, either scrape together the money to get the mold cleaned out, or for me to move out. Damn.
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I don't like alcohol. It's mainly been the taste, communism wine and champanage that turned me off. But this was fruity stuff so I thought I'd give it a try. Not bad, a bit more strong taste than I would've liked (and it was barely more strong-tasting than, say, fruit soda), but not bad.

However, I don't like being drunk. The sensation just isn't for me.

All of you who like this stuff, go ahead have fun. But I won't be joining you. ;)
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Some months ago, I had dropped milk from my diet. I was gradually seeing a correlation between the amount of milk I drank and the amount of flatulence and general sickness-feeling I was feeling. I switched to water instead. Today, my sister, while making dinner, forgot that I don't drink milk and while setting the table filled the glass with milk. I don't like to waste food so I drank it.

I felt worse than I ever did after drinking milk, several times worse. Like, just going in and sitting in the bathroom bad. I suspect I had lost what acclimation I had to whatever in the milk does this to me. Ugh. Never again am I drinking milk. If anyone ever sets a glass of the stuff before me again, I'm simply pouring it down the sink. Nevermind the waste of food it would be. Not worth getting sickish again, even if it was only for an half hour or hour or so (I feel somewhat better now).


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