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I just quit my Tuesday gaming group. The basic premise was that there would be several GMs all rotating active duty and running a different game every day. However, lately I had just one player sustaining constant interest in the settings and such I liked to make. One single constant, dependable player who would come week after week and play anything I ran, without complaining about not liking it.

It doesn't help that the player who created precisely the kind of character I wanted to see for one of my games (an eerie floating telepathically speaking god of forgotten things with bound limbs) had already left. I enjoyed some of their characters probably the most in the games we played in this group.

So now I want to do something. For an example, take Chant. Chant's a setting that's been in my mind for a while. It exists in a very uncertain way, built upon the walls of a seemingly infinite chasm formed within the mind of a now dead boy. Any minute, it could vanquish, and indeed, there're some working to keep it from doing so. For it's home to an assortment of squatters often too odd and misfit to fit elsewhere. It's got some fairly good interdimensional connections, making it useful for trade, but in terms of residence, it's pretty much undesirable. It's like sitting your city upon a volcano everyone knows might erupt any day, even if it's in prime trading position. So, lots of assorted transisent traders, but the permanent residents tend to be those with little to lose or who simply don't find reality itself disappearing underneath them a major problem.

Architecture was both highly vertical and subterranean--basically cliff dwellings with colorful building fronts stacked and stacked upon each other with long continuous stretches of balconies essentially forming the 'sidewalks' of the city, while the gap between the two facing (seemingly) endless walls were the street. Primary transportation methods: flight, walking, and elevators as well as trolleys gliding along some of the railings. Construction highly irregular due to no central planning.

In terms of technologies/magic, it was a mishmash of influences from multiple dimensions as well as some people who just can do weird stuff.

Two example NPCs for the game I ran, of native Chantians:
A plain brown-haired woman, in a brown suit, with brown glasses, with an inky black oozing hole in the palm of her hand.
A giant fangy frog-like creature named Crunchie-Susie, with an obsession for making pretty robots. As in white roundish shelled ones with lots of pink or purple decorative touches (curls and swirls and such).

Probably the single most cool PC from the game I ran was that god of forgotten things. Pretty much exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see.

Her description: "V'alei is a young girl, floating in the air, legs, arms, entire body, bound together by strong silver and black binds leaving no skin below her neck visible...the bonds are mystical in nature, leaving her unable to open
or even move her limbs. That which is not bound appears to be a leather-black-silver outfit, alternating patterns all over. The binds appear to lack any opening, leaving the question of how she gets out of it. Her skin, that which is showing, is pale with dark black tattoo-markings on it. Her face is young, innocent, cute¬Ö.ears long and pointed back, deep obsidian orbs rest in her head, silver pupils shining out."

One of her primary powers was to know anything that's been completely forgotten. Very excellent for archaeological purposes, heh.

So. Now that I've quit this Tuesday group (they were friends or friends of friends, but apparently not exactly with common interests in subject matters for gaming), I've been thinking of maybe running something to take its place. Something set in Chant, possibly. I'm also generally interested in any particularly fun games that others might be running.

Yes, I am looking for players. Probably real-time online (i.e. chats or another such mechanism), though if there's enough demand for play-by-post I will consider it.
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Now I'm thinking of blending together Revolutionary Girl Utena and Over the Edge in an unholy unison. This should be fun. Does that grab your interest more?

Adolescent angst, forbidden passions, gender oddnesses, and strange symbolism, blended together with modern sleaze, baroque conspiracies, weird paranormal stuff, casual freakiness, and a twisted parody of laissez-faire capitalism.


Aug. 5th, 2006 07:30 am
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That last post? I'm running the game online. Ooops, forgot to say. Anyway, still two slots out of four left.
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EDIT: I'm running this online. Language barriers make any other options effectively impossible.

I recently got the book for this and now I'm looking at running it. "A Roleplaying Game of Surreal Danger."

In short, it's a modern setting, an island ruled by its "liberator" who forbids anything that might threaten her, like guns, but let anything else happen. And plenty of weird things do happen. I fully intend for things to get quite crazy.

I have slots for up to 4 players total. One of those slots're already taken. I plan to start with one of the sample scenarios included in the book, and the choice of which one will considerably affect the flavor of the game.

There's the one where you play mercenaries (that get drawn into strange shit), the one where you play fringe scientists or their accomplices or their lab creations (that get drawn into strange shit), and the party scenario where you're just out to have a fun (and strange) time. If you're interested, do tell me which one you'd rather play. All of them, I can make pretty fun.

Incidentally, the Utena game fell through due to losing most or all of the prospective players. Ah well. :) I still plan to run it eventually.


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