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I dreamt that I was a fictional princess-lamia, of many colors, who liked being stroked in her filesystems (particularly in the dangerous, root-system-spots). The guy playing the game that had her ended up drawn into her world, which was suspiciously like something from a video game. And the princess-lamia had a very severe problem, which required stretching out to her full body's length, so that her white body-part was emerging, because normally when it's another color that's the front, it's someone else. But the final solution was frighteningly dramatic: she had to cut off the front half of her own white part, and stretch out even further, until the white part was pulled off, exposing a blood-strained clear underlying tube. And the astounding, frightening thing was that this was a direct channel beyond even the layer of the guy-playing-the-game, right up to me, the problem was well beyond any normal scope of theirs. I ended up waking up and trying to mentally beam to them... a solution that was vague to me at the time, but it was, I think, right. O.o
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In this dream, there was a kind of ride that consisted of lava and cold (water or snow, I think) parts. Now, this was the type of dream-lava that doesn't really harm you, just makes you really hot! Anyway, those two were talking about the ride, which one of them had invented. I think I did a quick trudge through it, then I came out, and on a sort of ladder thing with a platform on top, I saw Dragonfly (the creator of Latex BLUE, a kinky furry comic, definitely mature content!) receiving a blowjob from some random slave (I don't remember what she looked like--siamese cat maybe?). He made her do stuff like that and going through the ride (now I can imagine her going, "Hot, master, hot! Hothothot!").

Anyway, I was a bush baby, and I climbed to the top of this fake pine tree-shaped metal thingy, and then back down, and on the way down, I met a quite plump-breasted furry, and she was there to get hit on. And, indeed, she was getting hit on. Reminds me of MUCKs. Then I woke up, and I daydreamed about scrambling up and down that fake tree--a bush baby thing.

Bush baby picture
Another bush baby picture


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